Month: October 2016

Is It Worth Hiring Extra Help?

The world is fast evolving and we are moving ever faster with it. We rarely have time for our families or sometimes even for ourselves. From office to home to the many chores that govern our lives, we are completely overridden by the many things we need to do to survive that we forget to live. Many of us have no time to spend with our children or walking in the garden you spent thousands of dollars landscaping or sleep in your bed at your home with your wife because you have a business meeting to catch up to half way across the world. While being industrious and getting everything done on your own makes you a very efficient person, sometimes, the little extra help can give you some space to breathe and allow you to live your life than simply running from one chore to the next. How good or bad this is, is what we are here to analyze.

When do we need the extra help?

Especially when having to handle things you do not know, hire the extra help. For example, when selling a land, hiring the professional help of a property conveyancer will give you the expertise you would have otherwise lacked and would have had to learn from scratch to implement.

Find the cheapest conveyancing firm and tell them exactly what you want and they will handle the rest of the documentation for you, allowing you to spend more time at the home you are now selling, packing or saying your goodbyes, instead of standing in long lines at the district land registry office.

When you bite more than you can chew, such as when you have five kids and a flourishing career, it is not a shame to hire some extra help around the house or someone to babysit your kids for you. This does not make you an incompetent mom, rather this makes you a smart mom who can invest her little time on the children rather than on the laundry. Being a career woman is fine. However, sometimes, having that assistant to handle your meetings for you will give you that break from all the corporate drama and give you an hour to yourself at the spa or at the salon to pamper yourself.

Is the cost worth it?

Hiring at exuberant prices makes it an extra cost most of us cannot afford. However, if it clears up your schedule to have some time off with your kids or your husband or boyfriend, to have some time to simply relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, then the extra hundreds are definitely well spent.